St Michaels Laundromat in Santa Fe, NM

Laundry Day will Never be the Same!

Drop by St. Michaels Laundry in Santa Fe, and you're in for a whole new Laundromat experience.

Drop by St. Micheals LaundrySafety

For your safety, we've installed security cameras throughout the facility. We want you to have peace of mind. Plus, our friendly and courteous staff is always on premise!


Finding us couldn't be easier. We're on St Michaels Drive right across from the College of Santa Fe.(map) There's plenty of easy parking, there's even parking for RV's. Use our convenient Drop Off Service. We'll be happy to do the laundering for you if you'd rather not spend the time doing it yourself.


We make you comfortable with free Wi-Fi, and Satellite TV,plus enjoy video games while your laundry is being cleaned by the greenest machines in Santa Fe. We always have change available for washers, dryers, laundry supplies, and our snack vending machines.


We have the largest number of new Maytag water wise machines in Santa Fe so there is virtually no wait. You'll be in and out in no time.

Drop by and see us soon!

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